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About ESB ecars
ESB ecars was established in 2010 by ESB to roll out the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across Ireland and to support the introduction and demand for electric vehicles nationally. ESB ecars operates and maintains 1,100 public charge points across the island of Ireland. These are available for electric vehicle (EV) drivers to re-charge their vehicles and enable longer journeys across the country. ESB’s electric vehicle business has expanded into Great Britain with rapid charging networks in London and Coventry and will be working with Birmingham City Council to roll out electric vehicle charge points throughout the city from late 2020. For more information go to

About ESB
ESB operates across the electricity market: from generation, through transmission and distribution to the supply of customers with an expanding presence in the Great Britain generation market. In addition we extract further value through supplying gas, energy services and using our networks to carry fibre for telecommunications. ESB is the owner of the distribution and transmission networks in the Republic of Ireland (via ESB Networks) and Northern Ireland (via Northern Ireland Electricity Networks Ltd).
ESB contributes almost €2 billion annually to the Irish economy through dividends, investments, taxes and jobs. ESB provides significant employment both directly, with over 7,800 employees, and indirectly through contractors and service providers.

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