14th November, 2024


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Understanding how government, industry and business can work together to accelerate electrification

The 2024 EV Summit & Expo takes place on 14 November at the RDS in Dublin to celebrate a decade of innovation and leadership in the electric vehicle sector. Marking the 10th Annual Electric Vehicle Summit, this event stands as Ireland’s premier industry forum, dedicated to the latest in EV technology, sustainability, and the future of mobility.

Building on the success of last year, the 2024 Summit will see the return of the Zero Fleet Futures Stage, a testament to its importance and relevance in today’s evolving market. This initiative addresses the pressing need for businesses to enhance their sustainability practices and fulfil Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements through the adoption of electric fleets.

As we commemorate a decade of driving change in the electric vehicle landscape, the EV Summit & Expo 2024 promises to be a pivotal event, sparking discussions, fostering collaborations, and showcasing the latest innovations that will shape the future of transportation in Ireland and beyond.

The EV Summit & Expo will bring together Ireland’s leading CEOs, thought leaders and other key champions for the EV industry to discuss how government, industry and business can work together to accelerate electrification. So join us on 14 November at Dublin’s RDS to hear lively panel discussions, inspiring case studies, burning fireside chats and more, on how we can drive the charging infrastructure to support continued growth and demand, and accelerate the transition to net zero emissions.

  • Outlook and strategy for Ireland’s charging infrastructure
  • Learnings from EU leaders in electric vehicle adoption
  • Enabling Ireland to meet its national carbon reduction targets
  • Building a future-proof and robust EV infrastructure to support current growth
  • Growth, investment and decarbonisation
  • Delivering e-mobility and sustainable living 
  • Smart charging – delivering an equitable charging network for all 
  • Monetising smart charging – making paying for an EV charge easier
  • Landowners – reaping the benefits of charging on site
  • Developing a safer and more accessible public charging infrastructure
  • Keeping up with plug in vehicle demand
  • The balance between public and private charging
  • Expanding the charging network
  • Integrating renewable energy charging
  • Ensuring quality, speed and security of the charging experience 
  • Grid demands – ensuring investment in the grid to meet future demand
  • Prioritising innovation and digital technology
  • Leveraging smart, connected and artificial intelligence (AI) enabled technologies to build robust infrastructure
  • Electric HGV and alternative fuels
  • Deployment of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR)
  • Passenger car fleet original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
  • The impact of new entrants on the Irish market
  • China price wars
  • Supporting the transition of our road haulage sector and heavy-duty vehicle fleets to net zero
  • Enabling a robust alternatively-fuelled infrastructure network across Ireland
  • Electrifying your fleet – supporting an integrated approach to ESG & corporate sustainability
  • Decarbonisation your fleet                                                                                                                           
  • Ensuring a pipeline of talent to future proof the EV industry
  • Building an inclusive and diverse EV workforce
  • Plans for the Electric Mobility Capability Centre
  • Advances in battery technology 
  • Commercial e-vans and business fleet OEMs 
  • Using data and insights for your business decisions
  • Mobilizing the vehicle as a service eco-system – from ownership to usage-based subscription models
This event is designed for everyone in Ireland’s electrical car space. Attendees will include:

  • Regulatory and government agencies
  • Infrastructure providers
  • Planning specialists
  • Local authorities/ Smart City leads
  • Vehicle manufacturers and distributors (OEMs) 
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Public transport operators
  • Fleet owners and managers
  • Freight and logistics operators
  • Environmental bodies
  • Construction/Civil engineering firms
  • Utility companies (Fuel or Energy Suppliers) 
  • Banks, finance and investment firms
  • Service providers
  • Law firms and academia

2023 Highlights


Read below to see what some of our past attendees have to say about us:

A great day at the Irish Electric Vehicle Summit & Expo 2023 today representing AVILOO Battery Diagnostics as their Irish 🇮🇪 distributor. Some great chats about the Aviloo product, thought provoking sessions and fantastic vehicles, also great to reconnect with industry friends and colleagues from Ireland and beyond⚡️🔌🔋

– Simon Acton, AVILOO

Some impressive slides from The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association’s presentation by Petter Haugneland at the excellent EV Summit in Dublin

– Mark McCall, EVANI

“Better event than last year, footfall seemed higher and addition of the fleet stage was a resounding success”

– Sponsor – Drivalia

“Well done on everything, a huge undertaking, even more than last year but a fantastic day” – Chair

– Geraldine Herbert, Sunday Independent

“Congratulations on a really successful event”

– Aoife O’Grady, ZEVI

“Thanks so much for having me, it was a great experience and fab to meet other like-minded people”

– Karla Doheny, SIG

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