Highlights from EV Summit 2023: Breaking Barriers in EV Fleet Home Charging Innovation

Highlights from EV Summit 2023: Breaking Barriers in EV Fleet Home Charging Innovation

The spotlight at this year’s EV Summit 2023 was on breaking new ground, with the agenda flowing into two streams: Charging Innovation & eMobility and Zero Fleet Futures.

In a captivating panel discussion on Payments and Drivers Reimbursement, industry experts Kevin Dowling (Head of Partner Solutions at Stripe), Niall Riddell (CEO & Co-Founder of Paua UK), and Ashley Tate (MD of Allstar Chargepass) took centre stage. The trio shared profound insights into replacing the traditional company fuel card with a more seamless payment experience for charging and unravelling the complexities of driver reimbursement for fleet managers navigating the evolving landscape.

Ashley Tate, drawing from his extensive experience, led the conversation on the innovation of home charging reimbursement. Having founded the business formerly known as Mina in 2020, Ashley has been a driving force in accelerating the transition to electric vehicles within businesses and fleets. His commitment to simplifying the payment process for EV charging brings a distinctive perspective to the EV space.

Post-FLEETCOR’s acquisition of Mina in February 2023 and subsequent alignment with sister brand Allstar Business Solutions, Ashley now leads the EV division of Allstar, known as Allstar Chargepass. In this role, he remains steadfast in advancing support for businesses making the switch to electric vehicles. 


Reflecting on the summit, Ashley remarked, “I had the privilege of sharing insights about our experience of helping businesses in the UK electrify their fleets, showcasing how Allstar Business Solutions and GEV Technologies can provide valuable lessons for Ireland.”

The resounding consensus from the panel was clear: actual cost, evidence-based solutions are the key, not a simple cents-per-mile calculation. The discussions underscored the pivotal role of driver advocacy in propelling the EV transition forward.

Amidst the discussions, the suitability of Ireland for embracing EVs due to its shorter travel distances emerged prominently. The panel dismissed range anxiety as a concern, highlighting Ireland’s potential for widespread EV adoption.

The panel session sparked meaningful conversations, prompting major fleets to recognize the significance of affordable and convenient home charging in shaping their strategic vision.

Catherine Guy, Chief Executive at NiftiBusiness, encapsulated the essence when asked about what type of businesses are going electric, stating simply, “All of them.”

It’s a powerful sentiment, reflecting the transformative momentum building across diverse sectors as Ireland embraces the electric future.

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